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How we work

At Water Street Search we understand that each client of ours is different and requires something a little unique to them, that’s why we pride ourselves in really trying to understand who you are, and what you need. Our team of highly experienced consultants use years of industry experience to  work with you to find the best long-term solution for your team. 

We have a small team of dedicated  specialists and researchers, focused by geography, sector coverage, and seniority, to ensure our search incorporates all the relevant talent.


We are actively engaged in all elements of the search process, including candidate screening and assessment, marketing an opportunity, candidate selection, and search execution. The WSS team handles all logistical details, including interview process and structure, scheduling, candidate follow-up, and guidance on offers.

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Search Types


We love to help clients find exceptional talent, and to provide candidates with a step-up in their career, which is why we are always happy to partner on a more flexible basis, and let our knowledge, speed, and quality, do the talking.


When looking for the individuals that can add huge value to your firm, we recommend  retaining our services to conduct a comprehensive search of the entire market, giving you confidence in making the best hiring decision. 

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